Saint John the Evangelist (Lockport, IL)

Monday, January 24, 2005

A parallel universe? - Suggestion

Hi all,

I knew there was a Lockport, NY and I just went out to view any information about that place on the web. It is located in Niagara County, and is neighbor to Buffalo, NY. There it is called the Town of Lockport, as opposed to our own City of Lockport. Both towns/citys were founded due to the early digging of Canals and are named after the Locks on the canal that run through the main areas of town. Or, based on what I saw there, and what is happening here, what USED to be the main areas of town. If I didn't know that I was reading web information from New York, I could certainly be reading about the history of Lockport, IL. It was kind of spooky, actually. I couldn't find a list of churches in the short time I allowed for looking, but .... I'm sure, since St. John the Evangelist is apparently a favored name for Episcopal churches, that there MIGHT be a sister church of the same name in Lockport, NY.

O Blogmaster, our blog is called - simply - St. John the Evangelist (Lockport). To avoid any possible confusion for casual seekers on the web, might we add a little ',IL' to the name??????


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