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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Prayers of the People for Jan. 23, 2005

Epiphany 3 – Prayers of the People
January 23, 2005

Let us pray for the church and the world, saying: Lord, have mercy.

Holy God, we pray for all your people, baptized in the name of Christ. For Frank our presiding bishop, William and Victor our bishops, and for all bishops and other ministers. Heal our divisions, and give us one mind in Christ. For this we pray to you, O Lord: Lord, have mercy.

Stir up your church to make the power of the cross known to all, especially praying this week for the Diocese of Lokoja in Nigeria, and for these churches of the Waukegan Deanery: St. Ignatius in Antioch, St. Mary in Crystal lake, St. Gregory in Deerfield, St. Andrew in Grayslake, Annunciation of Our Lady in Gurnee, St. Paul in McHenry and Holy Apostles in Wauconda, that people everywhere may see your great light. For this we pray to you, O Lord: Lord, have mercy.

Lift from all people the burdens of poverty, war, and injustice. Break every rod of oppression throughout the earth. For this we pray to you, O Lord: Lord, have mercy.

Guide those who make and execute our laws, and those who maintain our safety, that all people may know their worth as your creation. For this we pray to you, O Lord: Lord, have mercy.

Strengthen us to care for the poor, the imprisoned, victims of natural disasters, and all who suffer. Open our hands and our hearts to embrace all who are in need, especially for the sick, the shut-ins, and those who have asked for our prayers: Nikki, Carole, Beverly, Nicolas, Warren, Joan, Frank, Anthony, Mary, Vera, Robert, Bernadine, Cassie, Diana, Donna, Austin, Stan, Jackie, Sara, Geraldine, Bill, Steve, Tom, Sharon, Theresa, Ted, Kathy, Tony, John, Ann, Kathryn, Virginia, Karla, Therese, Mariann, Don, Mildred, Raymond, Chris, Bob, Martha, James, Wilma, Linda, Bernice, Abby, Elicia, Elise, Ashley, Glenda, Trevor, Marlene, Petra, Doris, Frances, Karen, Rhonda, Gary, Bea, Virgil, Ed, Taylor, David, Connor, Peggy, Jim, Anita, Olga, Jesse, Peter, Patti, Phil, Vicki, Daniel and Denzil. Are there others? For this we pray to you, O Lord: Lord, have mercy.

We give thanks for all the blessings of this life as we celebrate the birthdays this week of Kenneth Harn, Patricia Darin, Kathryn Russell, Mary Alyce Polich, Bernard Drafke, Michael Paris, Breanna Foster, John Lietke, Stephanie Benson, Emily Ammer, Samantha Pursell, Tiffany Greminger, Jacquelyn Williams, Elizabeth Raimondi, Hannah Hill, and Brandon Raimondi; and for the anniversaries this week of Thomas and Susan Drake and Kenneth Porter and Catherine Baker. We also give thanks with Mike and Patti Paris for their daughter Lauren. Are there other blessings and thanksgivings? For this we pray to you, O Lord: Lord, have mercy.

For the repose of the soul of Marcine Basso, Mike Basso’s mother, and for Ann Wesolowski and all whom we love but see no more. Give them eternal rest. For this we pray to you, O Lord: Lord, have mercy.

O God, you revealed your will to prophets and sages. By your Holy Spirit, show us how to serve you today, that all nations may know you in our love, through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.


At 1:31 PM, Blogger David Baird said...

I think is a good way to post the prayers. Not only do we see the ill and those who have asked us to remember them in our prayers, but we can be reminded each time we visit the page of the other items for which we need to pray.


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