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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Reading list from Louie Crew

Dr. Crew's web site is a wonderful resource Anglican/Episcopal Church information.
He is a gay man and is one of the most gentle Christians that I have ever met.
Contributions by Fr. John-Julian and Fr. Tobias Haller are always good...John

Don't miss +Otis Charles' powerful sermon "The Birth Process" in the DO
JUSTICE series at,
plus several other recent additions to that collection:

The Birth Process. By Rt. Rev. Otis Charles

A Response to the Windsor Report. By the Rev. Susanne Watson Epting

Understanding What is and What Must Be? Responding to the Windsor Report .
By Fr. John-Julian, OJN Be sure to see Fr. John-Julian's addendum added on
January 15, 2005

Anglican Complicity in the Genocide in Rwanda And Lessons for the Anglican
Communion Today. By Kim Byham

Let Us Now Praise Famous Persons: A Challenge to Our Winter Reality. By The
Rev. John Rettger

Who's in charge: Judging the Scriptures. By The Rev. Tobias Haller

While Our Ecclesial Institutions Figure This All Out. By Christopher Evans

Christ the King by the Rev. Bill Carroll

The Interdependency of the Created Order by The Rev. Canon Michael Wyatt

Sermon preached on the 220th Anniversary of the Consecration of Samuel
Seabury by The Most Reverend Bruce Cameron, Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney,

What Will We Have? In The Witness Magazine Very Rev. Tracey Lind asks
whether lesbigays should stay in the church.

LC, Nwk deputation; Member of Executive Council


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