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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Strength of Solitude

There is an article on the Christianity Today web site that should be read!

Its title is "The Strength of Solitude" and the subtitle is "Learning to be with God in solitude allows us to be Godly in community."

The thrust of the article is that sometimes we are so focused on our "quiet times with God" that we don't allow God to be present when we are in our usual situations of noise, confusion, people, and interruptions. The author, a busy mom with a houseful of her daughter's friends, writes:
I remembered Julian of Norwich's wonderful statement about being present to God when in the company of others: "I look at God, I look at you, and I keep looking at God." Although I had often prayed for others in this way during times of solitude, on that night I decided to try it in the midst of a very ordinary moment of my life as a busy mom in a houseful of kids, facing deadlines and long workdays, a moment that is repeated over and over again these days. I thought, If my experiences in solitude and silence don't make a difference in this real life moment, then I'm not sure any of this is worth much.
Most of us are not called to worship God in a closed monastic setting of controlled quiet and peaceful surroundings; rather we are called to worship God as we live our untidy, noisy, crowded, and busy lives. How well we perform this duty tells much about our grasp of God's grace and faithfulness to each of us.


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