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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Holy Spirit at work

Scot McKnight has posted a story regarding a question he once asked F.F. Bruce (an evangelical [when that term was a positive one] British scholar of the past generation who taught at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland). The question asked was "Professor Bruce, what do you think of women in the ministry and how texts like 1 Cor 14 and 1 Tim 2 apply to the issues at hand."

I find quite interesting (as does Dr. McKnight) that Prof. Bruce did not have a problem with women in the ministry -- this was in 1981 after all. But the response I find fascinating is "[...] as for what I think about women in ministry, I'm for whatever causes the freedom of the Spirit." I think I (anyway) need this kind of reassurance from time to time as we in ECUSA and the Anglican Communion face our future.

While I don't want to put a spin on Prof. Bruce that he may not have appreciated with reference to our current problems and issues, I do think that his reference to the work and leading of the Holy Spirit is important. The Spirit leads; at times the Church has to work hard at keeping up.


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