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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

God is not responsible!

Finally, a blog response to all the nonsense floating about regarding God calling forth Katrina (and other natural disasters) as punishment for sin, etc.

Ben Witherington, a respected New Testament scholar, asks and then answers:
What do the fundamentalist Christian TV preacher and the head of Al Quaeda in Iraq have in common? Answer--- they both think that Hurricane Katrina is a judgment of God on American sin!
His reply is much more Biblically nuanced than the knee-jerk of "an angry God" crowd. As usual, read the whole thing here.

Update: I just came across another set of worthy articles regarding Katrina and the sovereignty of God. They are two articles in a short series written by Mark D. Roberts:

The title of the study is "In the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina." Parts 7 and 8 are the two articles that caught my attention, but all eight are worthy of consideration. [Part 8 also contain "before and after" photos of three churches, two of which are episcopal.]


At 11:02 AM, Blogger Mark said...

There's been some good discussion on the "World" site I've been doing links for.

In their "theologica" and "zeitgeist" sections.


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