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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Some Christian Blog Resources

Many of those who are joining in this blog effort might not be aware of some of the activities of other Christian bloggers. I thought I'd point out a few links to stuff that's out there. If any of you know of others, add them to the comments. There of course many other internet resources of a Christian nature, in the following, I'm limiting myself to listing the bloggers.
  • Every week there is a Christian Carnival. A "carnival" in blog terms is an activity in which many bloggers send links to an essay which they have written in the last week. The blogger hosting that carnival, collects them, and "hosts" the carnival. Here was last week's Christian Carnival (and the week before was here). This weeks contributions are due tonight. The resulting carnival one will appear, at sidesspot sometime on Wednesday.
  • There are three "aggregators", out there each with a Christian theme. The "Blogdom of God", The "League of Reformed Bloggers", and the "Evangelical Aggregator". Aggregators automatically go out and collect recent posts many of their members (it's not all of them because of technical reasons having to do with RSS feeds).
  • Those aggregators are "alliances" or lists of a large number of bloggers. Those lists can be found in the sidebar of the links above (to the aggregators).
  • I recently found a a "ring" of Episcopalian blogs. If we want to join that ring, we can, but it shouldn't be up to me. It "starts" here.
  • There is also "Blogs4God". But alas, I don't know too much about that.
  • Finally, Joe Carter (of Evangelical Outpost) has been trying various methods of increasing the visibility of Christian in the "blogosphere". He's come up with a variety of good ideas in the past few weeks. He also has recently written some introductory posts about blogging which be useful.


At 5:53 AM, Blogger Deacon Bobbie said...

Since I am a "lurker" at heart, I would like to see a link on this blog to the Episcopal Blog, but not necessarily join until we've had a chance to see what goes on there.


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